The Ultimate Guide Bupkis 2023 Costume

The Ultimate Guide Bupkis 2023 Costume

The action-comedy TV series Bupkis, created by Pete Davidson, Dave Sirus, and Judah Miller for Peacock, has captured hearts since its premiere on May 4, 2023. With a stellar cast including Pete Davidson, Edie Falco, Chase Sui Wonders, and Joe Pesci, the show’s eccentricity and charismatic characters have not only entertained but also inspired fashion enthusiasts with their unique styles.

A Show Steeped in Quirky Fashion

Bupkis narrates a surreal rendition of Pete Davidson’s life, blending absurd elements, humor, and an intriguing storyline. Amidst the show’s mature direction and characterization, the fashion sported by the characters stands out, offering a perfect blend of casualness and intimidation. To help you emulate your favorite characters’ styles, here’s a breakdown of the key outfits seen on the show:

Chase Sui Wonders’ Nikki Ensemble

Chase Sui Wonders portrays the charismatic and chic style of Nikki on Bupkis. Nikki’s ensemble exudes a unique blend of charm and individuality. From the delightful Sherpa jacket to the elegant heart-shaped pendant necklace, Nikki’s look is a fusion of casual elegance. 

Pete Davidson  – Oversized Jacket Game

Pete Davidson, a popular figure in the entertainment industry, showcased the oversized  jacket, drawing attention to its unique black-and-white design and comfortable fit. Carefully crafted from premium polyester and lined with plush viscose, this jacket guarantees a snug and cozy fit. With a sleek front zipper, elastic cuffs, and a bold stand-up collar, this iconic piece effortlessly is a game changer to any outfit.


Enhance your outfit with the exquisite heart-shaped pendant necklace, an accessory adorned by Nikki. Crafted in sterling silver, the pendant showcases intricate floral engravings, exuding an air of elegance that perfectly complements Nikki’s style.


Pay attention to the stainless steel earrings polished with 18k gold. The knot design adds a touch of sophistication that harmonizes flawlessly with Nikki’s fashion sense.

Shirt & Midi Skirt

For an ensemble mirroring Nikki’s Bupkis look, combine the dark green shirt and the chic leopard-print midi skirt. The fusion of these pieces embodies Nikki’s unique style on the show.


Complete your transformation into Nikki with black sandals made from textile and synthetic materials. These sandals add a touch of refined elegance to the ensemble, mirroring Nikki’s distinctive fashion sense.

Pete Davidson’s Dapper Styles

Pete Davidson’s character in Bupkis epitomizes a cool, effortless style that’s instantly recognizable. From the blue cotton jacket paired with a pink cotton t-shirt to the iconic Ray-Ban State Street square sunglasses and classic blue jeans, his style exudes laid-back charm. 

Blue Jacket & T-Shirt

Capture the essence of Pete Davidson’s suave appearance by acquiring the blue cotton jacket and the stylish pink cotton t-shirt showcased on the show. These pieces define Pete’s cool and charismatic fashion statement on Bupkis.

Sunglasses & Pants

The Ray-Ban State Street square sunglasses and the classic blue jeans are quintessential elements for emulating Pete Davidson’s authentic look. These items reflect his iconic style and contribute to his effortlessly chic appearance.


Do transformation into a Pete Davidson lookalike with white shoes crafted from textile materials. These shoes define Pete’s signature style and add a final touch to your Bupkis-inspired outfit.

Brown Leather Jacket, Cargo Pants, & Shoes

Emulate Pete Davidson’s confident and stylish appearance by opting for the brown leather jacket, the trendy cargo pants, and the white shoes showcased on the show. These items contribute to a bold and charming fashion statement reminiscent of Pete’s style on Bupkis.

Hoodie, T-Shirt, & Pants

Achieve a casual yet appealing look inspired by Pete Davidson by incorporating the blue hoodie, the comfortable white t-shirt, and the versatile blue pants into your ensemble. These pieces exemplify Pete’s laid-back yet fashionable style on Bupkis.


1. Where can I find the exact outfits the characters wear in Bupkis?

The detailed outfits featured on the show can be found through specific retail outlets or online platforms. We’ve provided similar options on Amazon to help you achieve the desired look.

2. Are these outfits suitable for everyday wear?

The Bupkis-inspired outfits are a perfect blend of style and comfort, suitable for various casual occasions.

3. Can these outfits be styled for both men and women?

The ensembles are versatile and can be adapted for any gender, allowing everyone to rock their favorite character’s look.

4. Are there any alternatives for the showcased items?

While we’ve provided specific outfit details, similar alternatives are available at various fashion outlets. Feel free to explore and find the one that suits your style and budget.

5. Are these outfits affordable?

The showcased outfits vary in the price range. We’ve curated a selection to accommodate diverse budgets while maintaining quality and style.

6. How do I ensure the right fit when purchasing online?

Check the size guides provided by the sellers and read customer reviews for insights on fit and comfort. Returns and exchange policies are often available for adjustments.

7. Can these outfits be accessorized further?

Absolutely! Feel free to add your personal touch with additional accessories like hats, bags, or jewelry to enhance the overall look.

Get Ready to Flaunt Your Bupkis-Inspired Style!

Dress like your favorite Bupkis characters and embrace the admiration of your impeccable fashion sense. Feel confident, exude style, and let the world be your runway. Live your dream look inspired by Bupkis 2023 and seize the compliments that come your way!

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