Winter Jackets


Autumn, for many months one of the most awaited seasons, has finally arrived. Winters, in my opinion, are nearly associated with jackets. As the bitter and icy winds begin to touch our skin, we all rush to buy that perfect jacket that will keep us warm without compromising our style. There are a plethora of possibilities available in the industry, ranging from hooded jackets to leather jackets, with the most up-to-date fashion offers. However, most guys are perplexed when it comes to choosing which jacket to wear to work on various occasions. In this confusion, we make it easy for you to decide to opt for between the two shearling or windbreaker jackets.

Jackets made of shearling have a long and fascinating history. The same components that make the modern-day shearling leather jacket defend against the cold are thought to have been used as long as 6000 years ago. It was merely raw, uncooked material draped over the body back then, but the reason for its use has remained the same until this day. Shearling jackets are also known as sheepskin jackets, which is a self-explanatory term. This jacket is constructed of sheepskin that still has its fur intact. On the interior, the fur serves as a natural lining, while the outside is polished and processed into high-quality real leather. Shearling coats with a full fake lining are also popular these days. Therefore, shearling is one of the best jackets for winter. You can opt between shearling coats, shearling motorcycle jackets, or simple leather shearling ones. Each one of these can be adopted as per your taste.

Now that we have discussed shearing, let’s move to the windbreakers. The windbreaker jacket is perhaps one of the most popular outerwear pieces for men, focused more on usefulness than design or aesthetic. If you’re wondering what a windbreaker is, it’s a thin, lightweight fabric made of synthetic materials like Nylon, Micro-Polyester, Polyester, and Tricot. The men’s windbreaker jacket is waterproof and breathable, and it’s made to keep you safe from the elements including wind, chills, and light rain. You can find cheap ones too if you feel you don’t like to invest much in your winter clothing. A men’s windbreaker jacket usually has an elasticated waistband, armbands, a zipper fastening, and a removable hood – all of which are common features. You might be shocked to learn that bright windbreakers are worn by runners who require both weather protection and a reflective surface for road safety.